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  1. Tsasu 1wk 1d ago

  2. Valuna Moderator 3wk 0d ago

    Ah Aki-ra-nyo.

    Thou has been poked.

  3. pandemonium91 Moderator 4wk 2d ago

    I ended up pestering Val. And then finding the answer on Google before she got to reply.
    Sometimes my ability to shield my genius astounds even me.

    Also, wtf is going on in your guestbook.

  4. Hooyaah Moderator 4wk 5d ago

    Quote by akiranyoPlease tell me more about those members so I can reward them with 30 silver coins.

    One of them was named Judas Iscariot, he hung himself and falling down, he burst in the middle, his bowels spilling out. I do not believe that he needs such a reward any longer. You may wish to purchase the Potter's field with your 30 silver coins as a place wherein strangers may be buried. Regrettably, the other complainants have scattered throughout the realm, their whereabouts are unknown.

  5. pandemonium91 Moderator 4wk 6d ago

    Quote by akiranyo Not really. Im trying to whatever I can do in PS, I can do only the basic stuff. I think Isshi can explain things better there. Throw a post on his UP and I tell him to reply whenever he has time.

    Ooh, thanks. I usually work with PS too but for some reason I turn masochistic sometimes and think I can take on Illustrator without wanting to chuck the computer out the window.

  6. Hooyaah Moderator 4wk 6d ago

    First WARNING: Links to ecchi images in public areas of Minitokyo, including the forums, and shot box are neither allowed nor tolerated. I have had complaints from members and seen the links personally. I recommend IRC for such things. Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.

  7. pandemonium91 Moderator 4wk 6d ago

    Yo Aki, you good with Illustrator? Need some help on a few points and Google is not kind to me today ;_;

  8. elisadevelon 5wk 0d ago

    Hi, Aki, stopping by to spam your guestbook and thank you for the fav :)

    The Color of Magic by elisadevelon

  9. Painter 5wk 6d ago

    Quote by akiranyo

    I hate alkohol, but that's funny :)

  10. pandemonium91 Moderator 6wk 2d ago

    Quote by akiranyo If you like PC shooters, you should remodel your room like this

    Getting another monitor wouldn't help tho, I'd just have PS open on one screen and a game/Firefox on the other. Then I really wouldn't leave my desk for ages @.@
    As for the guns, I'd probably be "lucky" enough and shoot myself in the face/foot by accident. If they were water guns, on the other hand...
    Imagine the owner of that room playing something online and someone talks shit about them. They'd just have to turn the webcam on and watch people flail and run.

  11. KiyanaIkebana 6wk 3d ago

    Quote: akiranyo
    Oh wow. Is not that I didn't expected something from you after our talk(s), but it's really a beach in blood and flesh. And it looks really good witn the untraditional vectoring style...or is only untraditional to me? Though I guess many would say the same from my vectoring as well.
    And thank you, I used to get wallpapers dedicated, but didn't happened now for quite a time - guess due most of my generation finished their career. (consider me as some leftover, hahahaha) So now getting one once again feel refreshing.
    As a gift I don't really want the critique, basically there isn't even anytthing what would/could mention. Perhaps I would added the ball? Dunno. Or maybe not. Heh.

    Děkuju ti moc za komentář a fav. Doufám, že se ti wall aspoň trochu líbil <3
    Netradiční styl vectorování? O.o Asi jo xD Nikdy jsem nad tím nepřemýšlela, je to tak zvláštní? TwT
    Kdo tě považuje za pozůstatek? Pro mě jsi úžasný artist! <3
    Původně jsem chtěla udělat ten pitomej míček xD ale nakonec to bylo moc přeplácané, tak jsem to nechala. :)

  12. fitarol15 6wk 6d ago

    Sorry--I Didn't knew the rules