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  1. Darthas System Admin 4h 45m ago

    We all get that feeling, it's too bad that also means I have less ways to contact you lol
    You should have PM'd me to sort it out, I would have called for things sooner. Tbh, I didn't even know what happened to you because I was working late days. I only came back several days later to be told of the event and by then you were long gone. Idk, could be seen 2 ways. Maybe your true course is to go about what you're doing now instead of shackling yourself here?
    Just a thought.

    I'm a fan of Noire and Uni. Sadly, I like how Nepgear's way of speaking in JP still. Noire is more for her half-seriousness and comic relief. Uni is more for her actual issues she has with her sister, but all the while being a great person. Would be nice if Uni had some strong ambitions after a certain part in one of the games, she'd instantly be a favorite for me if it was.

    Maybe for the PS4 ver. and latest game which is still in development, it'll get better. I mean Neptune is grown up in that game so I assume Uni would be too. If YOU are lucky, Neptune might have melons in that game rofl

    Yellow Heart has her charms, I agree.
    Even Vert is jealous.

    IDK if Red appears as any main party member outside of DLC though. She might appear and if she does, will probably just have the quest to get her but she won't really be involved in the story itself.
    Sad tbh, Red's story would have been great if incorporated into the main scene itself.

    Btw I saw a screenshot in another part of that link with a half naked Nepgear and sweet-eyed Uni.
    Might download it and pay for it in the end, if I have time.

  2. Darthas System Admin 9h 53m ago

    I'm touched.

    It probably won't change anything, but whoever did you wrong back then was removed for what he did. If we're talking about the same person. Yea, I can see that the submissions have taken a dip, I understand.

    Sometimes we just find other places that suit us better than where we used to be. There's little point remaining in a place where nobody seems to be grateful or appreciative of what you do, I'd be doing the same if I was in your position. I wish I could allow some of the work you might be drawing, but the decisions like that are never solely my own.
    I still keep tabs on you though, bookmarks anyway.

    As long as the tentacles stay away from Uni, I won't be blowing up your home.

    In spite of it all, good to know you're making some money out of your talents. Not much others have that opportunity or can claim the same.

  3. Darthas System Admin 15h 37m ago

    I wanna ask who took priority, me or the scans but we both know the answer to that one lol

    I'm sure they know more or less that not everyone is going to buy a VITA or etc just to play, but the PC fanatics are plenty considering how everyone owns a PC lol

    I'll check it out, thanks for taking the time to update me. I've been pretty busy and didn't get to check up on it myself. Shame that when I came home from work one day, I found out you were no longer here. Hope everything is working out for you where you choose to spend your time.

    TC Aki

  4. Tsasu 16wk 3d ago

    Happy New Year!

  5. Painter 16wk 4d ago

    Happy New Year Aki-kun! :DD

  6. pandemonium91 System Admin 17wk 3d ago
    Hey ghost dude, wishing ya a merry one I know you still visit here, lol

  7. Tsasu 18wk 5d ago

    Hey , so i send you a friend request on Steam so keep an eye out for it.

  8. Tsasu 19wk 3d ago

    Quote by akiranyo Alienware is insanely overpriced. If you want a good gaming PC, join on Steam, best make a post on Steam Hardware forum and ask there the folks to build you a PC.
    I make you sure that the outcome will be far cheaper, will have longer lasting components and probably even more powerful as any Alienware

    Yeah i have notice that some Alien-ware PC are ridicules expensive to the point were you might have to sell your body for the money lol
    Thank you :)
    ..uhm is that free game offer still available?

  9. fireflywishes Retired Moderator 19wk 6d ago

    Quote by akiranyo If you want daily dose of me - DA or Steam. I quit MT and entirely using it as a scan source. Sorry, I just couldn't handle this facade anymore.

    im sorry to hear that. mT will miss your art! (And btw, I find it appalling that you were warned for talking about Ecchi. I have a suspicion about who it was, and if I'm right, said Staffer Is already in a lot of trouble currently.)

  10. fireflywishes Retired Moderator 20wk 3d ago

    Was missing my daily dose of aki so I came back. ^_~ <3

    Hope that you've been doing well!

  11. Tsasu 21wk 5d ago

    Quote by akiranyo Anyways, if anything, Im on DA or Steam. The 10 million limit for indy art is also choking me here assuming now I pretty much submit everything in 4k. I just submitted today my Lynette Bishop vector.

    I still am working on making my account on Steam. So 4k is this new resolution thing right, i been hearing that word being thrown a lot around on video games discussions about PC games.
    Have you heard of this you think it's worth it?
    I just saw it a few hours ago and faved it , also drooped a comment :)

  12. Tsasu 22wk 1d ago

    Quote by akiranyo Of course I talk about that. I have seen it in progress from the first drawn line. Me and him are chat buddies who also help each other in art.
    And 7 hours? Hah. I cannot remember even one wallpaper where I spent less as 30.

    Yeah i kinda figure you meant that one, yeah that wall did have a lot of detail on it and the colors were awesome but could it really be that it didn't get that gummy thing because ecchi ?
    30 hours! D: fuuu no i feel like shit for saying 7.
    You should post your work on DA,MT, Thumblr and so on that way it would be appreciated more.