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Soul Eater Wallpaper

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Soul Eater Wallpaper

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Sora no Otoshimono Wallpaper

Fall of the Baka Angel

Sora no Otoshimono Wallpaper

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Queen's Blade Wallpaper

Arabian Nights

Queen's Blade Wallpaper

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Sora no Otoshimono Wallpaper

Summer no Oppaimono

Sora no Otoshimono Wallpaper

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Tags: Ikaros, Astraea, Nymph

Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Wallpaper

Beach of Tsushima

Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse Wallpaper

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Tags: Yui Takamura, Inia Sestina, Cryska Barchenowa

To-LOVE-Ru Wallpaper

Nekkid Madness

To-LOVE-Ru Wallpaper

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Tags: Haruna Sairenji, Lala Satalin Deviluke, Vector Art


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  1. pandemonium91 Moderator 14h 24m ago

    Quote by akiranyoIm a avid reader so I could put up something together, but never did it in english. Need to think about, perhaps between two vector lines of my wallie.

    If you somehow managed to include a Ceauşescu reference into one of your walls, I'm pretty sure you'd end up on TV in both our countries. You'd be famous! "Has art gone too far?" Incidentally, I do believe you'd arouse more controversy than any dude doing a rule34.
    Oh, how about you do the illustrations and I do the writing? Or better yet, you write and run it through Google Translate. It'll turn out better than My Immortal - and that's saying something.

  2. Painter 1d 22h ago

    Quote by akiranyo In Soviet-Russia wall favs you!

    That's funny XDD But Russia isn't Soviet anymore. Просто Российская Федерация ^-^
    How're you doing? How's your grape?

  3. Painter 1d 22h ago

    Thaaanks for your fav \^-^/ *hugs*

  4. GoldenApe 2d 16h ago

    Quote by akiranyo Lol, then what about websites like Anime Wallpapers, who had 2 submissions in total in 2014? =D
    Im a bit more adaptable, I regularly release my wallpapers as a torrent pack on Nyatorrents.

    Yea, I think the way to go is to make sure your wallpapers will show up in a Google image search, because I think that's how most people look for their wallpapers these days. That said, posting them on a website that only gets updated 2 times a year is not goog SEO :D
    Uploading to torrents is actually a cool idea, I had never even thought of that!

    Quote by akiranyo
    Btw do you happen to have a Steam? Me and some others like Ala are more easier to find and contact there.

    Yes! I'm not on Steam a lot lately, but I do want to change that because I have such a long list of games I purchased in Steam sales and Humble Bundles that I want to play but never found the time for. My Steam name is GoldenApe as well, so feel free to add me :)

  5. GoldenApe 3d 17h ago

    Quote by akiranyoHad even the idea to renew VectaDesu here, though I think we wouldn't get enough participants to begin with. All those art communities start slowly to fade, even the once big DA.

    True, but I think it's just the evolution of the internet. A lot of community sites like AP, MT, DA, were all founded before (the rise of) Youtube, Google, Twitch, Reddit, etc. So they're almost like an older medium and if they can't adapt to the new trends, they will inevitably fade away. I very much doubt any person discovering manga or anime today will find interest in contributing to MT, if they can even find the site in the first place.

  6. pandemonium91 Moderator 4d 5h ago

    Quote by akiranyo Oh wait, what? My knowledge about former communist leaders consist of mere jokes and anecdotas, so how you expect me to write a fanfiction? And about men? I sniff yaoi.

    Nah, no yaoi. Unless you want to. I'm down with that. Or some hilariously bad erotica.
    Who needs in-depth knowledge for that anyway? Not like most fanfiction is grounded in the reality of the universe the original work is set in. We can make it up along the way, maybe even include some anime in there somewhere, somehow.

  7. GoldenApe 4d 13h ago

    Sure, it's not like you make wallpapers for a specific site, you make them because you enjoy making them and enjoy sharing them with as many like-minded people as possible. I think a lot of wallers lost that enjoyment in one of those things, or both. I used to publish my stuff exclusively on AP, but now every now and then I do a Google image search on my walls and I get kinda excited when they somehow still continue to pop up on other sites (though mostly on Russian ripoff sites, lol).

  8. Hooyaah Moderator 5d 6h ago

    Hi Aki! I just wanted to issue a friendly reminder to post a warning when you drop a link to ecchi content in the shout box. Images linked there may slip past the ecchi filter (I tried it myself by turning on my ecchi filter) and as you know there are younger members here and this is a family-friendly site. Thanks, I know that you will be more careful going forward. Oh, I'll try to book an Arnold Schwarzenegger double with a mini gun to honor your wishes (as posted in the shout box earlier) for the perfect funeral. I do hope that you don't plan on "leaving us" any time soon though.

  9. Painter 5d 14h ago

    Quote by akiranyo If Polyphonica, then definitely Perserte! She is between my favs.

    Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica - Sexy girl in bikini

    Ok, I'll try to do smth with that :) But a bit later, got really a LOT to do T-T

  10. Painter 5d 14h ago

    I ment smth like that:

  11. Painter 5d 15h ago

    Quote by akiranyo Oh god no. I don't get why so many here associate me with Queens Blade (Pande did the same a while ago) Yes I like ecchi, I like it more as anybody here on MT, I like it even more as I like bacon with fried eggs, but I like cute ecchi, where characters are both sexy and cutesy. QB characters look a way too adult and generally like brutes for me.

    Personally I would like to see a wall with him
    Miyanokoji in white version of seifuku

    (yes, hard to believe but its a male) However it has rather complex art and would probably require painting, not vectoring. It's my no.3 fav anime series.

    If you want to do ecchi, I can list up a few really busty women. Bikini shots welcomed.

    To be honest I don't know what to do with this guy :c

    I don't anything against busty girls, but when their boobs're too big it looks :ь

  12. Painter 5d 15h ago

    Quote by akiranyo If you do my favorite characters, you will end up with making ecchi.
    Since years I want to make a list of my fav characters, but I think I will end up with hundreds.

    But on other hand my favorite anime series aren't ecchi. Is quite funny that I like characters from series, where I don't like too much the anime itself for various reasons (usually hating the male lead)

    But if you really want do a wallpaper for my liking, there is a series which could be mentioned.

    Do you mean Queen's Blade? It seems I saw first two seasons.