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  1. Tsasu 3d 14h ago

    Quote by akiranyo Anyways, if anything, Im on DA or Steam. The 10 million limit for indy art is also choking me here assuming now I pretty much submit everything in 4k. I just submitted today my Lynette Bishop vector.

    I still am working on making my account on Steam. So 4k is this new resolution thing right, i been hearing that word being thrown a lot around on video games discussions about PC games.
    Have you heard of this you think it's worth it?
    I just saw it a few hours ago and faved it , also drooped a comment :)

  2. Tsasu 5d 19h ago

    Quote by akiranyo Of course I talk about that. I have seen it in progress from the first drawn line. Me and him are chat buddies who also help each other in art.
    And 7 hours? Hah. I cannot remember even one wallpaper where I spent less as 30.

    Yeah i kinda figure you meant that one, yeah that wall did have a lot of detail on it and the colors were awesome but could it really be that it didn't get that gummy thing because ecchi ?
    30 hours! D: fuuu no i feel like shit for saying 7.
    You should post your work on DA,MT, Thumblr and so on that way it would be appreciated more.

  3. Tsasu 5d 20h ago

    Quote by akiranyo Is not just about that. The quality of submissions dropped extremly in last 3-4 months. Just look the wallpaper before mine. The quality is terrible, its grainy, offers much lower resolution and doesn't has on even the mandatory signature. Yet is there like nothing wrong and people are faving it. More as works which actually have some effort in.
    My best friend made probably the best wallpaper on MT in this year. Yet it doesnt got even elite while it deserved highlighted. Now comes the question, why. Because it was ecchi?

    Yeah when you mention that you spend 7+ hours on your wall i was pretty shocked because i never knew that you put so much work on it not saying your walls don't show that, it's just so much time put on that for just some one to view it for 5 minutes sucks but i get it you like doing it and yeah here on MT we don't have the best critics but i still find it cool how you guys keep posting them.
    Are you talking about the Wall SUPER ROBOT WARS - Cross Ange x MazinkaiseR?

  4. Tsasu 5d 21h ago

    Quote by akiranyo You just don't get it my friend. I could care a big damn about random haters.

    We got a warning from staff to not TALK about ecchi - ever heard the freedom of speech? Obviously MT doesn't did.
    They talk about some kind of "age protection". Assuming they act like 8 years olds in off-topic, maybe thats the core of the whole problem.
    And I can save those 30 favs per wall, when I get five times more on DeviantArt and additional thousand of views on Reddit.
    MT just cannot offer anything anymore what others can do and they do it far better.

    PS. I'm making preparations for my first absolutely naked vector. Nipples, vagina 100% visible. Just imagine that on MT, lol.

    You actually got a warning just for talking about ecchi , MT is pretty strict about that huh. What about on forums can you not make a topic to talk about it there?
    Yeah i did notice that your art dose have more freedom on DA and i notice that about your art as well, never used Reddit.
    I also notice that about MT but that's why i also visit other websites but i still doesn't hurt to come here once in a while.

    %100 bare Vag will break MT xD
    So you gonna make Hentai now or in between (don't know what's that's called) wait i think that's echhi right?

  5. Tsasu 1wk 2d ago

    Quote by akiranyo To answer your question from DA - I don't really plan to associate myself with MT anymore as long I feel too many people here work a way too much to discouarge ecchi artists.

    But I might answer you back on DA or you can directly chat with me here

    Akira there's always gonna be hater's don't let them discourage you! Plus i feel like you were the only ecchi wall source MT has lol

  6. akiranyo 3wk 0d ago

    Guess is no secret now that I quit MT (1. for undefined time or 2. forever) and will it use now a mere scan source. My new works will be submitted to DA only.

    I usually reply on chat here

    If you add me, before please make a comment on my page that you are from MT or chose a username which I know.

    PS. Also from now I will have 2 artist names, akiranyo and AstraeaKisaragi.

  7. Tsasu 6wk 4d ago

  8. Valuna Moderator 8wk 2d ago

    Ah Aki-ra-nyo.

    Thou has been poked.

  9. pandemonium91 Moderator 9wk 5d ago

    I ended up pestering Val. And then finding the answer on Google before she got to reply.
    Sometimes my ability to shield my genius astounds even me.

    Also, wtf is going on in your guestbook.

  10. Hooyaah Moderator 10wk 1d ago

    Quote by akiranyoPlease tell me more about those members so I can reward them with 30 silver coins.

    One of them was named Judas Iscariot, he hung himself and falling down, he burst in the middle, his bowels spilling out. I do not believe that he needs such a reward any longer. You may wish to purchase the Potter's field with your 30 silver coins as a place wherein strangers may be buried. Regrettably, the other complainants have scattered throughout the realm, their whereabouts are unknown.

  11. pandemonium91 Moderator 10wk 1d ago

    Quote by akiranyo Not really. Im trying to whatever I can do in PS, I can do only the basic stuff. I think Isshi can explain things better there. Throw a post on his UP and I tell him to reply whenever he has time.

    Ooh, thanks. I usually work with PS too but for some reason I turn masochistic sometimes and think I can take on Illustrator without wanting to chuck the computer out the window.

  12. Hooyaah Moderator 10wk 2d ago

    First WARNING: Links to ecchi images in public areas of Minitokyo, including the forums, and shot box are neither allowed nor tolerated. I have had complaints from members and seen the links personally. I recommend IRC for such things. Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.